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About Us

Welcome to wound care healing.

Mission Statement

A new standard in healing. We view wound care as an opportunity to heal. Not a barrier in care.

How It Works

Specialty trained WELS Care providers consult on patients to look not only at the wound, but the etiology causing the wound. WELS Care offers both one time consults and on-going weekly appointments as needed at the local clinic sites. WELS Care takes over the wound care portion of orders and care, while the primary care physician focuses and provides all other orders. WELS Care utilizes biologic therapy to get incredible results.

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Assess Care

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Meet Goals

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Communicate Results

WELS Care is a group of specialized wound care providers. WELS Care focuses on providing advanced wound care for chronic complex wounds of mixed or single etiology.

Effective wound care usually requires a bigger picture approach in order to heal current wounds and prevent re-injury down the road.

WELS Care providers keep these goals forefront when caring for your patients:

1) Expedite wound closure times

2) Optimize patient outcomes

3) Improve the trajectory of the patient's quality of life long term

In working with WELS Care you can expect a smooth referral process, effective treatment plans ranging from traditional to advanced procedures, and excellent communication including regular updates on the patients you refer to WELS Care for wound care.


WELS Care is committed to providing treatment to any patient who isn’t currently being treated by a wound clinic, or is unhappy with the care they are receiving and would like to change.

"I feel like they are my friends. Their care and focus elevated my quality of life. Highly recommend!"

- Brycen R.

"Their team work was awesome and led to my complete healing. Thank you for the wonderful care!"

- Ashlyn M.


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Let us help improve your patients' quality of life.

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